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The world of Pithos lies on the edge of Empire space. The Imperium of Man first colonized it a mere hundred years ago. The planet contains unique crystals, allowing the channeling of psychic powers in a new and dangerous way. If their secrets could be unlocked, this could mean an important leap forward for the Empire, and possibly pushing back the impending doom of the xeno invaders.

The Empire isn’t the only one that wants this planet. The secret of the crystals has slipped from the lips of the Ordos Administratum itself. This has resulted in increased raids from numerous enemies, salivating at the prospect of claiming the planet and it’s wealth for their own.

The largest threat of Empire control comes from the Orks. A Whaaagh! started by the Warboss Ded Krumpah is nearing the planet. The exact scale of this horde is unknown, though it won’t be long before the entire sector finds out in the worse possible way. The Tau have deployed strike group Radiance to investigate the rumors of the crystals, and they don’t seem to favor negotiation.

Under the surface of this planet lurks an enemy far worse. Far more powerful. And far more mysterious. The nature of this evil will be discovered by all parties soon enough, and they had better prepare.

The Imperial Guard 302th Battalion stands ready to defend the planet, but given their distance from reinforcements, their thin numbers may not stand much chance. The only other force fighting for the Emperor’s sake is a small group of unknown Space Marines, of strange origins, which have arrived very suddenly near the system of Ayron, where Pithos is located. Do these Marines serve the Emperor? Or do they merely circle the fray, looking for easy prey?

Main Page

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